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Finding Property Tax Bill Contact Information

If you have questions concerning your County of Los Angeles Property Tax Bill, you can search here for the city, county, or agency personnel to contact. This list contains all of the direct assessment descriptions for all items placed on the tax bill, some of which apply to more than one city. If corrections to the amounts shown are necessary, the office personnel will be able to prepare and forward the necessary correcting documents to the County of Los Angeles Auditor-Controller.

Enter the first few letters of the bill description provided on your Property Tax Bill, or leave the box blank to return all contact information. Please call the phone numbers listed for the most direct access to city, county, or agency personnel.

DA Submission Procedural Manual
DA Exception Report

Click here to view the DA Exception Reports.

DA Payment Listing Report (Replaced LS09)

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DA Payment Listing Report Viewing Instructions

Please click here to view the DA Payment Listing Report.

LS09 Report Prior Years

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LS09 Report and DataView Setup Instructions

* LS09 2011 Instructions

2. Use the instructions above to walk through downloading the LS09 Report and to install the report viewer.

2007 LS09 & Viewer
2008 LS09 & Viewer
2009 LS09 & Viewer
2010 LS09 & Viewer

* 2011 LS09
* The Data View Finder is no longer available for fiscal year 2011-2012, please click the link * LS09 2011 Instructions to view the report.

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