See the L.A. County Fraud Hotline.

Important: Employees reporting fraud are protected under the County's "Whistle-Blower" ordinance, County Code Section 5.02.060.

Uncashed County Checks

Welcome to the Auditor-Controller's website for uncashed County checks (legally referred to as County "warrants").

Contained here is the inventory of all Los Angeles County checks (excluding those checks that are considered private, such as welfare payments, child support, and employee payroll) that have been issued and mailed, but which remain uncashed one (1) year after their issue date. Uncashed County checks that are lost can be reissued up to four (4) years from the original issue date. You may inquire about one name at a time by doing a check inquiry, or you may download our complete database after obtaining prior authorization.

Check Inquiry

Uncashed checks are retained on this website until they become four (4) years old. You are welcome to search our data file using the check inquiry feature to determine if either you or your company is present. If you feel you are the rightful owner of a particular check, please follow the prescribed claiming procedures (revised June 1, 2015) shown on this website. Any questions you might have regarding these procedures, or about the website in general, should be e-mailed to

Database Download Authorization

The complete data file of uncashed County checks may now be downloaded to your computer. The fee for this service is $250 per month, or $2,000 per year at the County's discounted annual rate. The download file is available directly from this website and can be converted into Microsoft Excel format. If you wish to purchase download authority, please e-mail the Auditor-Controller's General Claims Section at and request a subscription form for this service. If you already have authorization, you may proceed directly to the Download page of this website.

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